Eventing Lessons

Lessons can be arranged either here at the farm where we have a 25 x 45m rubber surfaced chool and a full set of showjumps, or at the clients yard. Matt is also available for cross country clinics at local courses.

Regardless of whether the horse and rider are novice or experienced, young or veteran,  Matt’s aim with every combination is initially to assess their strengths and weaknesses and to build on the communication between them in order to achieve a happy partnership. He is prepared to get on your horse and have a feel of how it is going, in order to help the rider improve it.

He is  particularly interested in young horses and helping riders to set the horse on the right track for the chosen goal, whether it be a stress free sponsored ride or a first affiliated event.

His strategy includes  introducing a variety of different training methods to aid suppleness and harmony between horse and rider, but most of all to make it fun. Use of poles, grids, and jumping exercises can work wonders for improving flatwork too! Matt is a sympathetic and patient trainer and strives to make improvements by encouragement and positive reinforcement, and without using unnecessary gadgets.

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